Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Spirit of Evangeline Exhibition - Jan 30, 2006 to Mar 30, 2006

Jan 30 - Mar 30, 2006
Official Opening - Feb 17th, 2006, 7:00 PM with Francoise Paradis

Lecture and Film
Spirit of Evangeline is a traveling exhibit compiled and curated by Francoise Paradis. It was launched at Dyer Library in January 2005.

CONTENT - The exhibition includes a tribute to Longfellow; a tribute to Acadians, and a major tribute to Evangeline as she has been interpreted by various artists, sculptors, and manufacturers of products and souvenirs since her creation 158 years ago. There is sheet music, programs of dramatizations of the poem, antique volumes of Evangeline, novels of Acadian history, reference books on Acadian history, books about Evangeline, and even Evangeline comic books.

PURPOSE - The purpose of the exhibit is to show how the spirit of Evangeline that was conceived by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has thrived not only in the hearts of Acadians but in the mainstream culture. It will show how she was interpreted by various artists and artisans. Evangeline became the symbol of Acadians and the icon of their nation building.
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