Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New World Festival - Randolph, VT - Sunday, September 3

Announcing a Great Festival!

The New World Festival, one of the greatest venues in the U.S. to hear French Canadian music, takes place in Randolph, Vermont on Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 3 from noon to midnight.

The Festival also features Celtic music-a great combination with the Quebecois style. Five stages will present music, as well as dance, all day long. Randolph, in the very center of Vermont, is easily reached, as it has its own exit on I-89.

The event is all-weather under tents and at historic Chandler Music Hall and in the church. Once again, more than 50 performers from New England, the British Isles, and Quebec will offer both traditional and up-to-date Celtic and French-Canadian music.

The all-day dance tent will be filled with the music of topnotch bands and called by some of New England's best. There's also a Family Tent for children and a sessions tent. There's also a Young Musicians Showcase.

There's good food and Vermont beers and other beverages available, and a crafts area as well. Both the Canadian Consulate in Boston and the Delegation of Québec contribute to the Festival because of its role in bringing French Canadian culture here.

The New World Festival is a project of the Chandler Center for the Arts and all proceeds go for children's programming. The Chandler Music Hall is one of the finest halls in New England.

Check out the Festival and the performers at http://www.newworldfestival.com/ in both French and English.


Among the performers at this the 2006 New World Festival will be the following:
  • Le Bon Vent -Celebrating the connections between Vermont and France;
  • Cantrip -High energy traditional straight from Scotland;
  • Boulerice and Demers -Original and traditional music from Québec;
  • Talún -Duo from Ireland performing original music
  • Les Batinses -Quebecois with a driving modern beat Crowfoot-Original dance music with a Celtic spirit; Jerry Holland-Legendary composer and fiddler from Cape Breton La Part du Quêteux-Quebec's finest traditional songs and tunes;
  • Prydein -Vermont's own Scottish rock, a New World favorite. Claude Methe & Friends-Venerable Quebecois fiddler from Joliette. Gurney, Lynd & Kahle-New Celtic trio playing the tunes of Ireland
  • Sarah Blair -Vermont's own Irish fiddler and New World favorite;
  • Keith Murphy & Fairplay -A new collaboration for one of Vermont's favorite performers
  • Wind That Shakes the Barley -Irish songs and tunes Mark Sustic-Family performer in the folk tradition
  • Midnight Capers -Morris dancers dancing in the street
  • Nils Fredland-Popular New England dance caller Pierre Chartrand-Master step dancer and caller;
  • Prydein -Dance to Highland pipes with an electric rhythm section Yankee Chank-Cajun dancing with Vermont's own
  • Sharon Gouveia -Step dancer and family performer Great Bear Trio-New York State young phenomona;
  • No Strings Marionette Co. -Puppets from Vermont for children of all ages;
  • Showcase - young Dancers and Musicians from Vermont
  • Block and Marshall -Young Celtic duo from Vermont and New Hampshire; Beth Telford's Breton fiddle and dance students