Friday, July 08, 2005

Evangeline Coloring Book by Françoise Paradis

If you liked the Evangeline book, you will really like this very sweet coloring book.

The illustrations and text were mostly prepared by students in the gifted and talented program at Biddeford Middle School. Françoise's role was to tweek it a little, color the cover, and work with the publisher to produce a delightful, high quality coloring book that tells the story of the deportation for young children to understand.

The students did these illustrations as part of a Longfellow project under the direction of their wonderful teacher, Gail Roller. Their project included doing readings and lessons on Evangeline for younger children at Dyer Library last January when her "Spirit of Evangeline" exhibit was there - thus the coloring book idea was manifested. She was given permission to publish the coloring book so it can be distributed for other children to enjoy.

It is in its last stages at the publisher - the cover, and then the printing. So, I encourage you to order one or more coloring book now because a limited number will be printed. They will make wonderful gifts for the little ones in your lives - and Christmas will be upon us sooner than we think, as it does every year.

Order information can be found in this PDF document.

Françoise Paradis can be reached by email at

Biographical information and links to her other book can be found at Franco-American Connection website.