Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New book regarding the ancestors of the Bellemare, Gélinas and Lacourse families of America.

Trois Rivières: Saturday May 14th, 2005

At l’Auberge du Lac St-Pierre, 1911 rue Notre-Dame, Pointe-du-Lac, launch of a book entitled "Les ancêtres saintongeais des familles Bellemare Gélinas Lacourse de la Nouvelle-France."

This book is the result of many years of research for three history and genealogy enthusiasts, who are Christian Siguret, Lucien and Roger Bellemare. Through their joint efforts they were able to create an exceptional document on their common direct descendant: that of Etienne Gellineau, ancestor to all Bellemare, Gélinas and Lacourse families of America.

Christian Siguret, a Charentais, member of the genealogical Circle of Saintonge, produced numerous studies on various families of this South-West province of France.

The Gellineau’s of the Saintes’ region particularly interested Lucien and Roger Bellemare.

One did not need more to mark the beginning of a beautiful work collaboration in the elaboration of this book which presents the actual genealogy and includes some pages from the history of these brave ancestors originating from France.

The knowledge of palaeography facilitated the decoding of the contents of ancient notarial acts which had long been buried in the Charente-Maritime Archives.

The rigorous analysis of texts allowed us to look back on four French generations. The document corrects all the confusion brought about by certain researchers, genealogists and historians on the patronymic and its origins.

This book is the living testament of a time gone by or a machine that was reinvented to travel in time. It is published as part of a collection called “MÉMOIRE DU TERROIR " and an interesting continuation is announced concerning our ancestor, Etienne Gellineau, who arrived in Canada in 1658.

A CD-ROM is included with the first 100 volumes for computer reading. You can get a copy for $60 dollars Canadian (plus 15% postage and handling) by e-mail or fax at the following addresses:

Fax: 819-228-1419

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Author Charleen Touchette in San Diego area this Friday June 10th - 14th

Author Charleen Touchette,
It Stops with Me: Memoir of a Canuck Girl
ndn art: contemporary Native American Art
and the forthcoming Real and Fake Indians PD 2006
will be in the San Diego California area Friday June 10th to Tuesday June 14th
June 10th to 12th at the Sea Lodge in LaJolla.
June 12th pm to June 14th at the La Shores Hotel
The author will have autographed books and art prints and cards available for purchase.

For more information
Call TouchArt Books # 505 470-7754 or
Jacques Paisner Editor at # 505 470-2411

It Stops with Me: Memoir of a Canuck Girl
ndn art: contemporary Native American Art